Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring

plank hardwood floor

Wide-plank hardwood flooring is one category that is found in engineered hardwood flooring. Many kinds of wood wider than 4 ¼” transition from a solid form to an engineered one. Engineered hardwood is made so that the top layer, sometimes known as the veneer or lamella, is hardwood. But below that veneer, it consists of plywood, HDF, softwood or hardwood fillets.

This platform allows engineered hardwood to accomplish things that solid hardwood can’t. This includes producing wider planks of flooring, anything from 5” to 8” wide. These wider widths are more stable because of their engineered format, and they are therefore less likely to move around because of expansion and contraction. Engineered hardwood is available in narrower widths, but its ability to go wider than solid hardwood is what makes it popular with today’s homeowners.

In addition, unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood can be glued down onto concrete or plywood. It can also be floated, either by glueing the planks together or by clicking them together. And it is also warranted over radiant heat. Many major hardwood flooring companies will offer their collections in engineered and solid forms, while others focus on engineered flooring only. Costs can vary, but engineered hardwood flooring can be more expensive than solid hardwood flooring because of its width and sometimes the length of the plank as well. The great news is that engineered hardwood flooring is diverse in terms of available species and the finishes as solid hardwood.

This is good news since wide plank hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular over the last few years. Designers have embraced the wider look and the consumer and contractor have caught onto this. Wider hardwoods have been associated with more rustic, cottage styles of home design and while this is still true, wider planks have become introduced into other styles like modern and transitional designs. Like solid hardwood, wide plank flooring is finished smooth and matte, and hand-scraped, and wire brushed. It is available in almost every species of wood as well. Once limited to wide-open spaces, with thinking that the wide plank could only be appreciated fully in a larger room or space, these days wide planks are installed in almost any type of room, big or small, and it looks great.

One thing to keep in mind with many wide plank floors is that the installation of these engineered hardwoods will be different. Wide plank hardwood flooring can be either glued down using a full spread glue down method or it can be installed using a method known as glue assist which uses both nails and glue to install the floors. Even though wide plank flooring is an engineered product, that is more stable, the wider you go, the engineered hardwood will want to move around. Having proper relative humidity in the area is a critical factor of maintaining your hardwood floors.

Wide-plank hardwood flooring is a great option for homeowners who want to respect the environment while having beautiful floors. This type of flooring will increase the value of your home, and the experts at Cypress Hardwood Flooring can provide you with more information. Our team will walk you through the details and will help you make informed decisions, so contact us today to find out more!