Important Things To Know When Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Important Things To Know When Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Aug 24, 2021 | Hardwood Floors

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You want to consider all aspects when you refinish your hardwood floors, including the price to how long it will take to finish. Your hardwood floors don’t have to be covered by a rug anymore, and you don’t have to worry about your children or pets damaging them. Refinishing your hardwood floors will give you a chance to show your hardwood floors to guests and family without having the risk of it being damaged when something falls. Your hardwood floors are expensive, and for the money that you paid for them, they shouldn’t be hidden from family or guests without worrying that it will become damaged.

 There are three types of finishes when looking at hardwood flooring; polyurethane is an oil and water-based finish. It has various degrees of lustre with a plastic-looking finish. It can darken or yellow wood over time, though some do not affect the colour of your floors as much. While good for high-moisture or high traffic areas, it can be extremely difficult to spot repair if it has been chipped or damaged. Varnish is a matte-glossy finish; it darkens as it ages and is easy to spot repair if the hardwood were ever damaged. The penetrating sealer provides a natural look and shows the natural grain of your wood. It darkens over time, but it does provide your hardwood floors with a protective layer. This finish is the least durable out of all of them, but it is the easiest to repair.

You might want to hire a professional to have your hardwood floors finished; doing it yourself may seem like the cheapest or easiest way, but the truth is if you do one wrong thing, it can affect the beauty of your hardwood floors. Hiring a professional to finish your floors rather than wasting more money on doing it yourself is the safest and smartest option. You may want to know that your hardwood floors can last at least 100 years with the proper care.

 Your hardwood floors are expensive, and they cost money to maintain; this is why repairing damages earlier rather than later will cost you less money. If you are to wait for your hardwood floors to be repaired or set it aside, there is a risk that you will waste more time and money. If you are looking for hardwood flooring stores in Vancouver, make sure to contact Cypress Hardwood Flooring.